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UPDATE - Im Alive :)

Wow its been a while and such an interesting few weeks, this is just a quick update for now then im going to do some day by day updates.

But long story short, I'm Alive and doing surprisingly well. I cant quite believe that im writing those words after two brain operations in one week! I also had a such an interesting rollercoaster with every emotion you can imagine. I learned a few things along the way ... heres my top 10! all will be explained ;)

1. *I never learned this I've always known this but it has to be in here* I have the best friends on the planet and they are the strongest part of my life,I do not deserve them.

2. I have the most respect for good nurses and they can be the deciding factor in wether you ugly cry 10 times a day or not.

3.Having a wardmate who just gets you, and is your hype guy every morning reminding you how brave you are (Joyce I dont know what I would have done without you)

4. Positivity gets you through! Mind over matter is underrated.

5. You can never appreciate a flushing toilet as much as I do now! 

6.Everything tastes like meat, it doesn't matter if it has meat in it or not! 

7. Some of the weirdest and strangest things you will ever see happen around 2am on a ward! 

8.Hearing someone drill your skull really isn't that fun

9.Vomiting is involuntary at points! 

10. Morphine is the devil.... I don't know how people do it! 

I'm aiming to blog every day for the next week, it's been hard to have enough concentration but I'm challenging myself to atleast blog every other day if I can't uphold everyday! Let's see how we go. 

#Chiari #Brainsurgery #Toomuchbrain #Surgery #Hospital

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