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I missed it!

I can't believe it, I missed it... The 6 month milestone after decompression surgery, The one that I had told myself before even entering hospital would be the most important milestone to get to and ...I missed it. My half Birthday for losing a little of my skull seemed like such an important date to remember. I had big plans to celebrate by doing something "mad" I think in actual fact I spent it in work and didn't even notice it had came and went. Im now 7 months post op which is around 6 months since I last blogged (I have written ALOT since then but just not much has been put online YET)

When you are little and adults tell you things like "time moves so fast the older you get" and "don't wish your youth away it won't last forever" and you nod your little head and roll your eyes. Summer holidays from school used to feel like a lifetime and the possibilities of adventures would be endless, well thats usually for around 7 weeks and now 7 months have just passed for me in an instant those adults were probably right.

So the million dollar question - How do I feel? I feel great really great, in fact probably the best I have felt in years. Im still experiencing some symptoms which is as expected, The only hope my surgeon had was that the surgery would potentially improve my headaches, My headaches since surgery have been almost non existant I've only had a handful of them and they were no where near as bad as pre-surgery. The thought of my headaches being non existent never crossed my mind I was only ever hoping for an improvement as having daily headaches becomes a way of life for a lot of people who have chiari's myself included and this in itself is massive.

I had my check up with my surgeon after 3 and a half months or so and he was more than happy with my progress,by that point I was back to work, Eventually had all the feeling back in my scalp and all movement back in my neck without too much stiffness or pain. He took the decision to not to re-scan me again as he didn't feel the need which is great news as the more you can stay out of that scan tube the better. We had a chat about how it could potentially just be a quick fix and that other surgeries could still be needed in the future, well that has always been the chat and I'm just enjoying my time regardless and loving the fact that I don't have another scheduled hospital/doctors appointment for at least 6 months!!! That in itself feels bizarre especially as I have spent the last 5 or so years of my life visiting doctors and A&E every month, sometimes weekly and on the odd occasion multiple times a week. Now not having to see doctors or specialists or anything of the sort really sounds like such a small thing but not having to plan every occasion around some kind of appointment is wonderful and all the little things add up.

Onwards and upwards eh?

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