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Time to look back!

Wow... It's been a while, Over a year since the last time I wrote on here. Lot's has happened! Im 2 years post surgery, I have fallen in love, I feel like for the first time in my twenties I have "found my groove" and Im having a great time just living!

I'm looking back at the last few years and how I think blogging for me has changed - I've always had a vision with this to get out my feelings on to paper and also to show how you can still be positive living with Chiari. Before surgery I really struggled to find positive information online about Chiari and I think nowadays online is where most people would go after a diagnosis of a condition they have never heard of. I know I had never heard of Chiari when I was diagnosed around 4 years ago but it seems to be popping up more frequently now, But that always happens I think when you are introduced to something you just see it more around you.

I still struggle to find positive info about Chiari online, I think I struggle to find positive information about most medical conditions online, I know its is much easier to write about the bad points, just like I find it easier to write sad songs (its a curse) But I think positive information on these things are really important. Being diagnosed with a condition that you have never heard of and it being an invisible rarely understood condition can be really hard. Not everyone has the supportive friends, family and workplace like I have had through this so people need somewhere to chat about this, The chat doesn't always have to be positive but somewhere to find peace of mind and support from likeminded people going through the same kind of journey. Im not saying that this is what my blog brings but I think there could be a community of likeminded people who all share their positive journeys and experience.

For me when I tell people I had an easy ride the first reply I get is "But you had brain surgery!!!!" Yes I understand that brain surgery isn't a normal thing to go through but all in all I had a relatively easy time - I prepared to have 12 weeks off from life and 2 days after my surgery I was up and eating lunch in KFC. I returned to work after week 8, That for me was one of the biggest struggles as I enjoy working and struggle to take time off but I tried my best to give my body the time off it needed. I got my stitches out at the correct time, I ended up with a very minor infection in my scar that cleared up within a few days and I have only seen my health improve since.

Now I can't say I have had the easiest of times in all aspects of life, there has been a lot going over the past few years and every so often my Chiari symptoms pop up again, but never ever as bad and never for as long, This is something that I will continue to live with and still count my blessings that the decompression surgery really has improved my quality of life and continues to. I can take off and land in a plane without the impending doom of my head exploding, I can sneeze without a second thought or that I will be in pain for a few days after it and also just living almost always headache free is an incredible feeling.

It cant be just me that has had this positive of an experience and as I said I know that it is much easier to put your thoughts on to paper when things are at their worst, But I know I have the writing bug again and I will make a conscious effort to spread a positive voice as much as I can.

I also have had a few messages recently with people sharing their stories and I really enjoy having a conversation with people and learning about their journeys, If you want to chat or ask anything about surgery or symptoms I have experienced feel free to pop me a message either on the chat function or contact and I will get back to you as soon as I can, Its something I would like to do more of is talk to more people and feature more peoples stories than just mine on here ..... Something for me to think about.

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